About Us

Starting from the hobby of painting, craft art, and collecting calladium plants, innovation emerged in creating a work by collaborating painting techniques and batik techniques, where gradually, the "Calladium" pattern was created as our trademark. Besides that, another pattern that is formed from a set of dots, to sweeten and add aesthetics to the work, which we call "cecekan" is also our hallmark. We also adapt other patterns such as fauna, flora, artistic and cultural nuances and other objects.

We also use abstract and tye dye techniques for several other works, which are then a combination of these techniques, we call “Contemporary Batik Tulis" where the product is our main product.


“The most important point, in every work we make, there is a story in it, so you don’t only enjoy the aesthetics, but you can also interpret the story in it.”

Growing with Contemporary Batik Tulis, we also practice knitting skills and embroidery techniques in the manufacture of other products. Usually we process it together with the rest of the cloth (patchwork) from making batik clothes. Products produced such as accessories, knick-knacks and bags.